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Welcome To CPM Group

CPM has worked hard to get to the position it is in today, we have partnered with many top banks and bankers, this partnership allowed us to be able to offer clear and tangible results for our clients.
CPM is results oriented, therefore we tailor all loans to fit with its clients’ needs, hence CPM’s fast turnaround in finalizing loan approval as per our conditions and criteria.
CPM understands that no two clients are the same, hence each application will be analyzed using our unique and revolutionary compliance system to make sure that even if the traditional banks say NO we say YES 99% of the time.
CPM understands its client’s needs and concerns, that is why we will be issuing our Bank commitment guarantee via BANK TO BANK Swift that will be issued by one of our TOP A+ rated banks, before our client actually issued their Bank Instrument. This Guarantee of funding will be issued to Guarantee our clients loan as per signed loan contract.

What can we do

Why Choose Us

End-to-End Solutions

Our funding programs have been customized to cater to Government, Entities, Private Institutions, Commercial Business and Individuals.

Business Consulting

CPM provides a wide range of traditional and non-traditional business Finance solutions. Our network covers the Americas, Asia, Europe (including the emerging Markets), Africa and the Middle East.

Partners For Life

CPM is an unconventional lending platform that has been designed by A team of former Lawyers, Bankers, Financial Analysts, Engineers and Independent Investors. 40 years of business, Unique lending methods, Fully Secured Funding

What can we do

Our Special

Advanced Project Analytics

Project analytics (PA) is the practice of iterative, methodical exploration of a

project’s data with emphasis on statistical analysis.


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For any question, comment, or concern, our customer care representatives will be happy to respond to you via email or telephone in a timely fashion.

Please fill in the form on the right side if you have any inquiry... our Customer Care team will be glad to help you

    We Always Try to make a Difference

    With objectives of becoming a market leader in Project Funding services and Engineering in the Middle East and Africa.