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Our Services

Design & Supervision

Making the best use of the knowledge, experience, technology, and knowhow accumulated over a half century, CPM creates and nurtures architecture together with its clients from their perspectives, with support from surveying and planning projects, to design and construction supervision and to maintenance and building operation after completion, watching how the situation could be many years from now.
We realize the best solutions by forming teams of professionals from various fields such as housing, education, leisure, sports, business, commerce, and manufacturing.
We aim to maximize the value of our clients’ assets by proposing leading and optimal solutions that meet the requirements of our clients, and by accurately answering to the needs of the times and society as well as by providing sustainable social capital that is environmentally friendly.
Our architectural design staff serves as coordinators of projects to create buildings from scratch and oversee entire projects that respond to the requirements of clients.

In order to:

realize function, quality and performance as desired by our clients,

create buildings as social assets and create client value and

provide environmentally friendly buildings and contribute to society

our expert staff who have diverse experience and track records provide services that ensure satisfaction in terms of building safety, comfort, maintenance, cost and environmental considerations among other factors. From planning and design to construction supervision to follow-up and maintenance, we work as a trustworthy partner.
We make appropriate proposals based on clients’ budgets. Our cost management experts play a central role from the planning stage of a project to the work order and changes during construction. Based on clients’ requirements and project conditions, we calculate appropriate construction costs using calculation methods specific to each stage of design, based on cost data derived from analysis and collected from past records, while also taking social economic trends into consideration. In this way, we support economical design and manage construction costs.

We propose structures that ensure safety and security by making full use of cutting-edge technologies. Our technologies are assured and are backed by ample experience ranging from general residential, commercial, leisure and resort construction to skyscrapers.
We respond to the diverse requirements of our clients with established systems, such as collaborations with highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals, use of state-of-the-art structural analysis technologies and structural design.
To realize clients’ design requirements, we ensure quality and turn them into reality. Transparency is ensured during designing, construction, and other project stages while construction processes and details of work by general contractors are clarified from a client standpoint. Organizing supervisory teams comprised of experts and designers with a wealth of experience in construction supervision, we respond flexibly to changes in client requirements and provide necessary services to realize architecture that matches client needs.

Engineering and Architecture Design
Our multi-disciplinary approach and long established track record enable us to tailor the design of any project with emphasizes on innovation, cost effectiveness, quality of work and environment. No project is “typical” at CPM. Backed by our cross-functional support and feedback from the construction management division, our designs consider all the construction methodologies and complexities.
We specialize in all project phases including:
• Concept design
• Preliminary design
• Schematic design
• Detailed design
• Construction documents
• Specifications
• Bill of materials
• Value engineering
• Computer simulations

Construction Supervision
CPM is renowned for providing highly qualified, accurate, and time efficient supervision service to support and enhance the project execution.
By employing and enhancing the best available resources, our construction managers, resident engineers, supervising engineers utilize their local knowledge and the CPM’s growing experience to deliver class skills in quality.
We provide construction supervision service for all our served sectors.

• Project daily inspection and supervision
• Design review
• Shop drawing review
• Material submittal approval
• Project specification conformity
• Safety compliance

How our project strategy works

We aim at focusing on the main components of our clients needs fulfilling the following three features:

  • What is already existing.
  • What is the idea and where its going.
  • How to accomplish task and reach there.

We Always Try to make a Difference

With objectives of becoming a market leader in Project Funding services and Engineering in the Middle East and Africa.