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Our Services


The CPM Group is responsible for Finding, Acquiring, Buying goods, and Services from an external source. This process is to make sure that the client is receiving goods, services or works at the best possible price, and also ensuring the quality and quantity. There are many different ways by which the design and construction of a building can be procured. The selected procurement course will follow a strategy that fits the long-term objectives of the client’s business plan.

All purchasing decisions will include:



Marginal benefit

Price fluctuations

CPM Group will provide all the commodities and material that will meet the client’s expectations.

How our project strategy works

We aim at focusing on the main components of our clients needs fulfilling the following three features:

  • What is already existing.
  • What is the idea and where its going.
  • How to accomplish task and reach there.

We Always Try to make a Difference

With objectives of becoming a market leader in Project Funding services and Engineering in the Middle East and Africa.