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Our Services

Project Management

CPM Management Consultant is a project team leader who can coordinate all facets of design and execution to produce an expedient and successful completion of the construction project.

CPM is a Project Management Consulting firm whose Engineers, Financial Analysts and professional staffs have the qualifications and the solid field experience required to ensure that each project under its control meets all TIME and QUALITY constraints.

CPM Project Management services consist of the comprehensive management of all aspects of projects from conception to completion of construction and commissioning.

CPM offers its services to Government, private owners and general contractors in the Commercial, Entertainment, Education, Government, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Interior, Industrial/Manufacturing, Religious, Residential, Hotel, Retail/Restaurant, Sports, Residential, Institutional, Defense, Resorts, Ports, Airports.

These Project Management services include, but are not limited to Estimation, Planning, Scheduling, Cost control, and Project Co-ordination.

The objective of CPM is to coordinate and control through the application of the latest management techniques, all aspects of the project, and to produce a well-designed and constructed facility which will meet the Client’s requirements of Function, Schedule, and Budget.

Project Management services may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the management of the following activities:

Pre-Contract Co-ordination

Design Co-ordination

Contract Co-ordination

Construction Management

Construction Co-ordination




Cost Control

QA and QC

Re structuring

Mergers and Acquisition

How our project strategy works

We aim at focusing on the main components of our clients needs fulfilling the following three features:

  • What is already existing.
  • What is the idea and where its going.
  • How to accomplish task and reach there.

We Always Try to make a Difference

With objectives of becoming a market leader in Project Funding services and Engineering in the Middle East and Africa.